Planning an essay will be discussed thoroughly in the chapter by the same name beginning on page Use reasons and spe-cific examples to support your choice. T7Jeylearn when their minds and their bodies are active. A date is a dE. What if Idon’t likemy rating? In other schools, children are encouraged topa11ici- pate in different kinds of activities.

Use it to draw your concept maps. What do you consider most important: They can cut the grass and pull the weeds. I have indicated that I will develop my topic by discussing information, interaction, and motivation. All these things are important for education, but they don’t last. New classroom equipment is the best way to spend a gift of money to II our school.

I went into a fancy candy shop to buy some chocolates. Topic Do you agree or disagree with the barron toefl essay statement? It can be used for all topics. Use specific reasons and examples to support your recommendations. Topic sentence for general idea: The woman reacted to my clothes and that made me behave differently.

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An Important Change of the Twentieth Century There were many impant cbanges, botb tecbnological and cultural, during tbe twentietb century. Giving an explanation In this essay,you must describe what something is,howit happened, why it occurs, or how it is dif- ferent. I learned about art, about engi- neering, and about other things I hadn’t imagined. I also learn a lot by interacting with them.

Essay Organization I I Theme: In this paragraph, I chose another topic sentence and developed barron toefl essay using the specific details in my concept map. Others preferto study with a barron toefl essay of students.

I need enough paragraphs to develop my barron toefl essay thoroughly. Your routine is determined by your circumstances. First of all you have to read the passage and then pay attention to the listening part.

I would travel, go away with friends at a moment’s notice, and make decisionsfrom day to barron toefl essay. Readthetopic below and then makeany notesthat will helpyou planyour response. Ifyou needextra pencilsor paper, to support your opinions,andyour facility askyour test administrator.

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Write the body of the essay. Then barron toefl essay your own essay on the same topic. She wanted to mimic the style of Margaret Mitchell: You should roomwho can answeryour questionsabout be ableto addressyour topic completely in usingthecomputer. Often people adopt mental sets that lead them to the same problem-solving strategies that were successful for problem in the past. New classroom barron toefl essay is the best way to spend a gift of money to II our school.

They are sick less and tbis leads to a better quality of life. Your writing must be clear, coherent, and correct.

Togetherwe can develop our ideas and learn to understand new things. Stating a preference Barron toefl essay this essay, you must discuss both sides of an issue. Use specific reasonsand examples to support your answer.

Even though you don’t have to decide until test day, make your decision in advance. Advances in medical science bave improved tbe lives of people all around tbe world. In the twentieth century, food has become you easier barron toefl essay prepare. Otherpeo- ple think that barron toefl essay are the most important infhmce on young adults.

Prepare for a career JI Examples: Do all sentences begin with capital letters? Don’t worry about a few spelling Ifyoustudythis book,that won’t be a prob errorsor a few mistakeswith punctuation lem.

The wall ispain ted a light yellow.