The crew were very good, but the seats are sub-par for business class. Angle Lie Flat Business Rows The seats are packed in with very little width and unreasonably close pitch. The cabin, while a little gaudy, was clean and pleasant with excellent service from the cabin crew. The close proximity to the lavatories and galley may be bothersome.

On the aisle, but the person on the window can easily step over the end of the seat even when fully reclined. The seats are rather cramp especially when the meals are served, you had to eat with one hand only otherwise you will keep bumping next passenger’s hand. Further away from large groups of people so it is more private and comforting. Coach is even good when flying short distances. But try to fly on the A if possible as the seat is way too narrow in the configuration. The seat was very uncomfortable, narrow and had the black box for the AVOD partially obstructing my feet. Emirates Business Copenhagen to Dubai on:

The food in business class was excellent. Seat 7 A is a Business Class seat with a emirates 777-300er business class seating plan window. Emirates know this as they have added padding on the door frame to make life slight more comfortable! I will not fly Emirates on this plane again, although I understand from friends who have flown Emirates on the A have nothing but praise.

This seat does recline, standard leg room but there is quite a gap between bulkhead and seat allowing you to at least stretch out your left leg! Very cramped due to the layout.

As all emirates flights the food was good it was chicken tandoori served with sauteed vegtables. ICE entertainment was cool but seats were narrow for a 6 hr flight. Far enough from the engine for a quiet smooth ride. Be aware – there is a plastic part of the plane just under your right foot which limits the legroom and is tiring on a long flight.

You could hardly hear the toilets when sitting in that seat. Seat 11 A is a Business Class seat where the noise from the more crowded Economy cabin may be bothersome. The close proximity to the lavatories and galley may be bothersome.

Seat 7 F is a Business Class seat where the close emirates 777-300er business class seating plan to the lavatories and galley may be bothersome. I’m cm emirates 777-300er business class seating plan broad shouldered, as was my neighbour so we spent the whole 7 hour flight being more intimate than I usually manage with my wife.

Boeing 777-300ER

I was really impressed by the hand held remote controller because you could have flight progress on the remote while you watch a movie so you could track the flight which you are on. I also wonder about the effect the narrow isles and the extra 33 passengers would have emirates 777-300er business class seating plan speed of evacuation in an emergency.

I can not believe that anyone has anything positive to say about Emirates seat configuration in the ER, I can only presume they viewed the economy cabin from the comfort of first class.

This reflects in less comfort and constant disturbance through body contact throughout the whole flight.

The seats are narrow but leg room was reasonable I’m 1. I walk a lot during flights and with the 3x4x3 configuration you do have to pay attention not to bump into people but it wasn’t emirates 777-300er business class seating plan.

Emirates Boeing Emirates First Class: The proximity to the toilets may be bothering if you’re on a daytime flight. Probably the smallest seats ever, dis appointed, the layout is nasty and greedy from the airline, we will be using cathay in the future, sorry emirates, service and everything else was perfect. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites.

My travelling companion and I sat in seats 46J and 46K and we both remarked how comfortable and roomy our seating was, and that it definitely was an advantage to have the extra aisle room alongside.

SeatGuru Seat Map Emirates Boeing ER (77W) Three Class V1

We moderate all comments but will post it as soon as possible. There may be no floor storage during take-off and landing. The “box like” partitioning between seats leaves no room to sit other than directly forward.

Boarding was by class and status, economy shown the benefits of This is the worst Business Class configuration I have ever experienced. I can see how anyone pounds plus would have a hard time.

US carriers and a number of others could learn a lot from he Emirates experience. Support for my legs 2: Because of the off set seating in front, the dinner tray does not fold out flat. Wouldn’t want to pick that seat if I was sitting next to a stranger though.

Great seat- Near toilets but not too close. The seat is in front of the engine and it is extremely loud. Aisle person gets bumped because aisles are so narrow. I fly this 2 cabin configuration 3 times a year from Manila-Dubai-Manila. Please enter a valid email address. This is a wonderful seat, especially if you’re as tall as I am 6ft8! Lots of room and privacy.

emirates 777-300er business class seating plan Seat 17 D is a standard Economy Class Bulkhead seat. I have travelled so much in this type of aircraft,theseats aretoo crumpy and tighned.

I’m glad it was only an afternoon flight. Seat 6 E is a standard Business Class seat. I flew 2 sectors, practically in pitch black. Overview Emirates operates this ER aircraft model in three different configurations. Seat 21 B is an Economy Class seat where the close proximity to the lavatory might be bothersome.

Seat plans are available via the carrier’s website but you need to book a flight before being able to select seats. If Emirates continue to use the on this route, I’m staying well clear of them.

Business Class, Athens to Dubai, no emirates 777-300er business class seating plan felt claustrophobic would rather have sat in Economy with a window.