While this is true for the officer cadres, even for the non-officer base, the recruitment patterns have undergone a marked change. A valid date of birth certificate and USI membership no. Website designed, developed and maintained by Promptec. Secularism and inclusive character have been the defining virtues that have now become models in communal harmony for the civil society to emulate. Automation technology can be of great help in this context. Marks will be given on the basis of the following: The attributes of leadership have come down over the years.

As the Armed Forces are in themselves a microcosm of India, the rising education and awareness levels in recruits are easily perceived. But the perception is that there is an imbalance in India’s civil-military relations brought about by an intervening bureaucratic layer in the Ministry of Defence between the military and the political head. When it comes to morality and ethics, nothing works better than having real life role models to inspire and lead. Essays must have relevant footnote references and a bibliography, as applicable. Therefore, a continual revision of policies is a must. As the growth pike of the economy continues to rise, the dazzle also tends to distract those who are already a part of the uniformed community. Secularism and inclusive character have been the defining virtues that have now become models in communal harmony for the civil society to emulate.

The United Service Institution of India. The essay should be written in English and must not exceed three thousand words. Entries violating the length are liable to be rejected.

Along with the bio-data of the author, a copy of the age certificate to be provided. However, it is also important that military viewpoints be effectively represented in decision-making structures.

The winner will be selected by a committee of three members nominated by the council of USI. This phenomenon perpetuated all along the early decades of Usi gold medal essay competition. The judges will submit their assessment independently to the council of the USI through Secretary. The name of the recipient will usi gold medal essay competition announced at the general body meeting. As seen earlier, entrants at all stages, be it officer or recruits, are better educated, informed and aware than those of yesteryears.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the Indian Armed Forces have an important role to play in strategic decision making related to national security especially on issues that directly affect them such as intelligence assessments, force structures, resource allocation, defence processes and procedures.

So what are these core values? Adapting to the New-Age Soldier. Names of books, journals, newspapers and foreign terms in the body of the text should appear in italics, e. In India, the Armed Forces have a glorious tradition of usi gold medal essay competition first rate leadership to its rank and file.

There is a wide range of national security decision-making models available in developing and usi gold medal essay competition countries. Accessed on 08 February There was a psychological and social background to this trend.

The rate of separation is only on the rise with recurrent field duties, deployments of seagoing units away from base ports and detachments of aircraft squadrons or flights.

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Reinforcing the Value System. It is imperative now to build upon this fine tradition and reorganise welfare to suit the changing times. Notwithstanding the housing crunch, the Services are today well known for offering a good standard of living to their members.

The invited teacher should be A recognized teacher in Urology for at least five years and that he should be a full member of the USI. In the words of General Sir John Hacke “When a country looks at its fighting forces, it is looking in a mirror; the mirror is a true one and the face it sees will be its own.

The united states usi gold medal essay competition many tools to advance and defend its foreign policy and national security national high school essay contest njindia kirssin mason. The rising proclivity of individuals for share-market speculation has altered the popular Service culture of saving and exercising financial prudence. The fact to be noted is that the average recruit of today is decently educated, aware, ambitious, often more conscious of his rights than obligations.

In the context of this essay, the second type is more relevant and is therefore being discussed at greater length. Usi gold medal essay competition industry was in its infancy. The essay for must be on a topic relating to any aspect of India’s role in the Second World War. Essay may vary in length between 3, usi gold medal essay competition 4, words including footnotes. Applications should be made in a prescribed form before the stipulated time announced by the Honorary Secretary of USI.

Values and ethics find an equally profound significance in the context of the Armed Forces, where human life and public money presume high stakes. On the outside of the envelope, only the title of the essay is to be written.

Military organisations are based on the premises of disciplined workforce and unity of command. The award of the judges will be final.

Manas Publications,pp. While referring to a website, follow the example below: The prize winning paper may be submitted for presentation in the Indian Journal of Urology. The guidelines for submission have to be followed strictly. The selection of the orator will be done by the council whose decision will be final.

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Idia nlu odisha essay competition is organised by idia and national law university odisha prizes are worth rs registration deadline is 20th october. To the contrary, an effective welfare and support system can be immensely beneficial to the productivity of an organisation. In certain cases major policy amendments will be required to address this issue. Minimum of 1 month.

Destinies of empires, like the destinies of modern states, had a lot to do with their militaries. Unmindful of the sensitivities associated with Service customs or way of life, the media often usi gold medal essay competition in sensational reportage, which results in avoidable damage to the image of the Military.

The Candidate should have adequate number usi gold medal essay competition publications of which a minimum of 5 should be in National Journals and 5 in International Journals, of these at least 2 should be research-oriented publications and the candidate should be the first author. The Oration will not be delivered more than once by any Orator. All india policy writing competition tanks across india the usi gold medal essay competition of its kind, the competition will help fti streamline the essay writing.

A brief bio-data of the author should also be sent along with the essay.